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Do u think Aria is A?

I do not think Aria is A.  I have seen the theories and if they did go that direction it does make sense, but I don’t think they will do it.

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Lol thanks for answering my questions, one more. I'm confused. Did Mrs. Dilaurentis bury Ali, or did Mellissa bury Bethany. Both of those stories confuse me.

I think both are supposed to have happened.  So Melissa buried Bethany thinking Spencer killed her and Mrs. Dilaurentis buried Alison to protect someone and Grunwald saved her.  I don’t think the Bethany plot line is meant to make the Mrs. Dilaurentis plot line wrong, but I’m not sure..

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Who are your 3 favourite characters on the show?

Spencer (by a lot)
And probably Emily.
I actually love all of the Hastings family, but they aren’t in a lot of episodes.

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Who do you think A is? I know there are still hundreds of twists ans turns to come... But at the ens of the day, who do you think it will be? And why? (I love ur blog and ur opinion is important)

I have always kind of felt ‘A’ was Melissa, so until they definitely rule her out, I am going to keep her as my guess. Although, I have also felt that Wren is somehow involved, but I don’t think he’s in charge because that really makes no sense.

I know that with the current story regarding Bethany, Spencer, and Melissa it would be kind of weird for Melissa to be ‘A’, but honestly, I think pretty much every character has some part of their story that would make zero sense if they were revealed to be ‘A’.

I’m at the point where I don’t think the writers even know who ‘A’ is anymore. It feels like they are constantly changing their minds and then are just trying to ways to force their new plot lines into the old story.

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Do u think Ali is A?

No.  I think they tried made it to obvious that they want it seem like she is ‘A’ which means that she definitely isn’t.  Just more misdirection from the writers.

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Yeah, I think he really latched on to Mona hoping that she would be able to help prevent Ali from coming back and ruining their lives again.  Also, Lucas knows what Mona is capable of, so if someone was able to get to Mona and kill/hurt her, they could definitely get to him as well.

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Do you know where i can watch all of season five online for free? I need to start from the beginning but abc family only has the last four or five of the season

Someone told me you can watch pll season 5 on watch series. I don’t watch episodes online so I don’t have any links.

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Who is ur favorite couple in pll? Emison, Haleb, Spoby, Ezria?

Spoby is my OTP and Haleb would be my next favorite.

I am neutral when it comes to Ezria and I cannot stand Emison (I almost stopped watching because I hate the Emison plot line, but instead I just skip over their scenes).


meanwhile, during the PLL hiatus


Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Livestream - Taking This One to the Grave



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When the screen flashed "We're all in this together" I started to think of high school musical oops

That’s actually kind of funny.

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Hi quick question in the last episode we find out that Melissa actually buried bethany so then how did ali claim that her mum buried her alive when it was at the same place with one grave ?

I think they both were buried. When the other liars talked to Grunwald in Ravenswood, she had talked about her saving Ali and I don’t think they are lying about it, but I’m not 100% sure.

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Where are you from?

I am from Los Angeles.

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Did u notice on the sneak peeks at the end at the title sequence the barn doors are open, they have been usually closed!!!

That’s a really good catch. We are supposed to find out more about the night Ali went missing tomorrow, so that could be why it was different.